Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Ripple Effect of Small Groups

Christianity began with one man who developed close relationships with 12, who then proceeded to build a church through reaching others and so forth, and so forth (as an aside, we see in Acts 2:46 that small groups were there since the beginning!!). The ripple effect is real, and if it wasn’t for the ministries and sacrifice of those in the past who have gone before us, it is quite possible that you or I may not have come to know the love of Jesus Christ. Here are just a few areas where a small group ministry at your church can make a difference:

Members discover that they are the answer
Small groups break down the myth that more centralized pastoral leadership is the answer. Small groups help the group members come to the realization that the church’s needs are real, that those needs are tangible, and that they can be the ones to help fill such needs. As small groups become an extension of the church’s ability to provide pastoral care, adults learn how to become self-feeders and can help discover/grow their spiritual gifts.

Families are Transformed
I remember being a part of a men’s small group for a few years and I had the opportunity to see the incredible spiritual growth of one man in particular. When the group began to meet, he would express his viewpoint that pornography was acceptable and that high tension/conflict with his wife was a natural part of his marriage. Over the span of two years, I was able to witness a marvelous transition in his speech, how he spoke about his wife, how he repented from pornography, and how he would make efforts to be a spiritual leader for his household and encourage the members of his family. This is just one example where one man in one group within one group of guys learned what it meant to live his life for Christ. If your church has many small groups, imagine how many lives and families are being impacted!

Tomorrow’s small groups come to fruition
For a small group ministry to grow over time, identifying future upcoming leaders is key. Small groups allow for a small group leader to develop relationships with those in their group. Through the span of the group, it may seem apparent that one or more of your members may exhibit signs of leadership within elements of their communication, hospitality, facilitating, or other areas. It is possible you may have a future small group leader in your group today!

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