About Sean

Sean lives to teach for the kingdom of God. He has served in various ministry roles for almost a decade, including small group director, men's ministry leader, youth minister, small group leader, and youth pastor. He is passionate in the mission of empowering others so that they may be able to unlock and utilize their spiritual gifts. Sean has a Master of Divinity degree from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Hailing from the metro-Detroit area, Sean has been featured as a guest speaker at various churches and his teaching style comfortably alternates between the exegetical and the topical as he navigates through the Scriptures. Thinking about inviting Sean to speak? Here are available resources:

Sermon - Hosea 2 & Freedom in Christ

Sermon - The Cost of Discipleship

Sermon - (Youth Ministry) Serving the Kingdom of God

Press Release - "Youth Empowered"

To reach out for speaking engagements or media inquiries,
email: sbuonoministries@gmail.com