Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Small Group Purpose

Small groups are an incredible way to make a larger church feel intimate and connected. Last week we reviewed how small groups provide a place to connect, a place to grow, and a place to protect and support. Strategically speaking, here are a few additional purposes that small groups provide for the church.
  • Future church leaders can be identified, can be mentored, and can be given future opportunities to become involved themselves.
  • Small groups help “Close the back door” of the church and encourage those attending the church to stay connected.
  • Small groups multiply the ministry-reach of the church staff. As a church grows more and more, its staff’s ability to minister to individual members becomes more challenging. Because of this, small groups allow for the church to care for and minister to more individuals through the care and empowerment of its small group leaders.
  • Small groups help build up and sustain a multi-generational ministry. Of course not every small group’s purpose is meant to be multi-generational, but generally speaking, a church’s small groups provide many opportunities for this to occur. It is here where we can see David’s psalm of praise where “one generation shall praise [God’s] works to another,” allowing His dominion to “endure throughout all generations” (Psalms 145:4, 13).

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